An important note on submitted evaluations:

We hope that these evaluations will be a valuable resource to help you understand mentoring policies at academic departments! However, we know that this type of database has its limits. First, it’s important to remember that each of these evaluations has been reported by a single department member at the listed institution, so it might reflect their personal experiences or knowledge of the department.  Future of Research has NOT independently vetted these reports.

Secondly, these evaluations are meant to provide info about whether a department does or does not have specific policies to support early career researchers. The evaluations do not provide information about how these policies function in practice. We recognize that there may be discrepancies in stated/formalized policies and their implementation, and value the lived experiences of those currently working within evaluated departments. Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions or concerns regarding published evaluations.

Additionally, we recognize that our current evaluation does not address issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion, sexual harassment and accountability, or mental health. We acknowledge that these issues are complex and play a role in many aspects of the early career researcher experience. We are working, in discussion with all Future of Research Board Members, on the best way to evaluate and/or provide resources pertaining to these key issues.

Now, on to the data!

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Data by Institute and Department/Program

University or InstituteDepartment or ProgramVerifiedTrainee Stage Evaluated Evaluation YearSupplemental MentorsPeer Support CohortsRequired Mentor TrainingAnonymous Exit SurveysClear Guidelines and TimelinesCareer and Professional Development Resources
Babraham InstitutePostdoc2020BronzeNot ImplementedNot ImplementedNot ImplementedBronzeNot Implemented
Baylor College of MedicineMolecular and Human GeneticsVerifiedPostdoc2021Not ImplementedBronzeBronzeNot ImplementedNot ImplementedGold
Georgetown UniversityBiologyVerifiedGraduate (PhD)2021BronzeBronzeNot ImplementedDon't knowNot ImplementedBronze
Harvard UniversityStem Cell & Regenerative BiologyVerifiedGraduate (PhD)2021Not ImplementedNot ImplementedBronzeNot ImplementedNot ImplementedBronze
Johns Hopkins School of MedicineBiological ChemistryVerifiedGraduate (PhD)2021BronzeNot ImplementedDon't knowBronzeSilverNot Implemented
Laurentian UniversitySchool of Natural SciencesVerifiedGraduate (Masters)2021Not ImplementedNot ImplementedNot ImplementedNot ImplementedBronzeNot Implemented
Massachusetts General HospitalCenter for Genomic MedicineVerifiedPostdoc2021Not ImplementedNot ImplementedNot ImplementedNot ImplementedGoldBronze
Norwegian University of Science and TechnologyIndustrial Economics and Technology ManagementVerifiedGraduate (PhD)2021BronzeBronzeNot ImplementedNot ImplementedNot ImplementedNot Implemented
Oxford UniversityWeatherall Institute of Molecular MedicineGraduate (PhD)2019BronzeBronzeNot ImplementedNot ImplementedNot ImplementedNot Implemented
Oxford/Cambridge/National Institutes of HealthNIH/OxCamVerifiedGraduate (PhD)2020BronzeBronzeNot ImplementedNot ImplementedBronzeBronze
Stanford UniversityGeneticsGraduate (PhD)2021Not ImplementedSilverNot ImplementedGoldGoldGold
Stanford UniversityImmunologyVerifiedGraduate (PhD)2021Not ImplementedBronzeDon't knowNot implementedSilverBronze
Stanford UniversityImmunologyVerifiedGraduate (PhD)2021Not ImplementedBronzeNot ImplementedBronzeBronzeBronze
Stanford UniversityImmunologyVerifiedPostdoc2021Not ImplementedNot ImplementedNot ImplementedSilverBronzeSilver
Stanford UniversityMicrobiology & ImmunologyVerifiedGraduate (PhD)2021Not ImplementedBronzeNot ImplementedSilverBronzeSilver
Stanford UniversityNeurosciences IDPVerifiedGraduate (PhD)2021Not ImplementedSilverDon't knowDon't knowSilverSilver
Stanford UniversityStanford Cardiovascular InstituteVerifiedPostdoc2021SilverBronzeNot ImplementedNot ImplementedBronzeSilver
Stanford UniversityPsychiatry and Behavioral SciencesPostdoc2021Don't knowBronzeBronzeDon't knowNot ImplementedBronze
Stanford UniversityDepartment of MedicinePostdoc2021BronzeBronzeSilverDon't knowGoldGold
Stanford UniversityGastroenterology and Hepatology VerifiedPostdoc2021Not ImplementedNot ImplementedNot ImplementedNot ImplementedBronzeSilver
Stowers Institute for Medical ResearchVerifiedPostdoc2021SilverNot ImplementedNot ImplementedBronzeNot ImplementedNot Implemented
The Ohio State UniversityPhysicsVerifiedGraduate (PhD)2021Don't knowDon't knowDon't knowDon't knowSilverDon't know
The Scripps Research InstituteVerifiedGraduate (PhD)2021Not ImplementedNot ImplementedNot ImplementedNot ImplementedSilverBronze
The Scripps Research InstituteDoctoral Program in Chemical and Biological SciencesVerifiedGraduate (PhD)2021Not ImplementedBronzeNot ImplementedNot ImplementedSilverSilver
University of California, BerkeleyPlant & Microbial BiologyVerifiedPostdoc2021Not ImplementedNot ImplementedNot ImplementedNot ImplementedNot ImplementedNot Implemented
University of California, BerkeleyMolecular and Cell BiologyVerifiedPostdoc2021Not ImplementedNot ImplementedNot ImplementedNot ImplementedNot ImplementedNot Implemented
University of California, BerkeleyMolecular and Cell BiologyVerifiedGraduate (PhD)2021SilverNot ImplementedNot ImplementedNot ImplementedBronzeBronze
University of California, San DiegoAnesthesiologyPostdoc2021Don't knowDon't knowNot ImplementedNot ImplementedNot ImplementedNot Implemented
University of California, San DiegoBioengineeringVerifiedGraduate (PhD)2021Not ImplementedSilverDon't knowDon't knowBronzeBronze
University of CincinnatiNeuroscience Graduate ProgramVerifiedGraduate (PhD)2021BronzeGoldNot ImplementedBronzeGoldGold
University of Cincinnati/Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical CenterImmunology Graduate ProgramVerifiedGraduate (PhD)2021Not ImplementedSilverBronzeDon't knowSilverSilver
University of KentuckyVeterinary ScienceGraduate (PhD)2021Not ImplementedNot ImplementedNot ImplementedBronzeSilverNot Implemented
University of Missouri- ColumbiaPsychological SciencesVerifiedGraduate (PhD)2021BronzeGoldNot ImplementedNot ImplementedSilverBronze
University of Nevada, Las VegasSchool of Life SciencesVerifiedGraduate (PhD)2021Not ImplementedNot ImplementedNot ImplementedBronzeBronzeNot Implemented
University of North Carolina at Chapel HillBiological and Biomedical Sciences ProgramVerifiedGraduate (PhD)2021Not ImplementedGoldNot ImplementedBronzeBronzeSilver
University of PittsburghChemical EngineeringVerifiedGraduate (PhD)2021Not ImplementedNot ImplementedNot ImplementedNot ImplementedBronzeNot Implemented

*Verified evaluations are those where a name and email address were provided, and we were able to verify that the submitting individual is a current or former member of the department indicated.