Download Evaluator’s Packet

Any departmental member, including graduate students and trainees, can use this packet to evaluate their department. Just download and work through the summary guidelines or the explanatory flowcharts.

Once you’ve determined whether your department meets the Bronze, Silver, or Gold level, or has Not Implemented each guideline, please fill out the survey below to share your evaluations!  

Please let us know what type of entry you are submitting for your department.
It's helpful for our team to be able to follow up and verify that evaluations came from someone knowledgeable of the department or program. If you feel comfortable, please share the names of the evaluators here, and one contact email below. We will maintain your anonymity, and this is not required.
This is to verify you are in the department for which you are submitting information.

Allow 24-48 hours for us to verify the results and upload them.

Want to check for your evaluation or see how other departments and programs stack up? See all submitted evaluations HERE.